Tanner Babcock

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Who are you?

I am Tanner Babcock. I'm a professional web developer, and a hobbyist visual artist and musician. This is my home page for my art and music. This domain and server were originally registered for a web development class. I am using them to create a dedicated space on the internet for my creative works.

All of the code for this site was written from scratch by me, in PHP. The front end was made with Vue.js and jQuery.

These compositions, both audio and visual, are in no way associated with any organization or institution. These opinions and (perceived) commentaries are not official statements of anyone or anything. These icons and characters are fictional, and not based on any persons, living or dead. This website is not a resume and it is not a portfolio. Please do not take anything on this website seriously.

There are hardly any pictures of myself on this website, for several reasons.

I am currently employed as a web developer. I primarily work with WordPress, PHP, Node.js/Webpack, and Apache. The majority of my programming experience is self-taught, and of my own ambition, yet I have taken classes since high school. I am fluent in JavaScript/jQuery, MySQL, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, C, C++, and Java. I have been programming somewhat actively for 9 years. My website is one of my many self-started projects.

What is wrong with you? Why is your art so vulgar and abrasive?

My artwork employs a number of satirical perspectives, for maximum exaggeration effect. These are often misunderstood as my actual opinions on certain topics, but they are simply abstractions. Because of this, my art (and music) have often been censored, rejected, and dismissed. See my "Testimonials" page.

I stick to my initial creative processes despite these drawbacks and consequences.

Why are you so pretentious? Why do you think all of these great bands and movies, are so awful?

Actively listening to a vast array of music for my whole life, I began to develop high standards. I try to critique and review certain artworks based on how developed they are, and how effective they are at communicating emotions and ideas. If something is not very developed, or isn't much past the surface, I give it a low rating. If something is packed with meaning, and substance, and ideas, I give it a high rating.

Why do you have this website? Why did you make it?

I made this website for community college class in early 2017. It was mandatory to pay for the server and the domain in order to even take the class, so I used skills I've had for years to make my own site. Being somewhat of a trendsetter among my friends, I've made my ratings, opinions, top albums and top films lists, available on here, as a reference for my friends and anyone who cares. This website hosts my artwork, my music, my open-source projects, and my catalog of music and film.

Are you a good artist? Are you a good programmer?

Short answer: no. Long answer: that's for you to decide for yourself. My artwork is a product of little to no technical skill, with confidence of the technically talented. I have an attitude of "if it sucks, it's still yours, and sucking at it is the only way to be good at it". I come from a friend group where it's okay to not know how to play your instruments, and it's okay to not know how to actually draw or paint.

My value as an artist is subjective. My value as a programmer is objectively measurable. I would say I'm a good enough programmer to make money doing it, and actually make a living from it. My artwork has no such measurable output.