Tanner Babcock

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Who are you?

Tanner A. Babcock born 1996. This is my home page for my art and music. This domain and server were originally registered for a web development class. I am using them to create a dedicated space on the internet for my creative works.

All of the code for this site was written from scratch by me, in PHP. I did not use any large-scale libraries, frameworks, or website-building tools.

These compositions, both audio and visual, are in no way associated with any educational institution or career opportunity, I may be attending or involved in. These opinions and (perceived) commentaries are not official statements of anyone or anything. This website is not a resume and it is not a portfolio. Please do not take anything on this website seriously.

The majority of my programming experience is self-taught, and of my own ambition, yet I have taken classes since high school. I am fluent in C, C++, JavaScript/jQuery, PHP, HTML, and CSS. I have been programming somewhat actively for 8 years.

What is wrong with you? Why is your art so vulgar and abrasive?

My artwork employs a number of satirical perspectives, for maximum exaggeration effect. These are often misunderstood as my actual opinions on certain topics, but they are simply abstractions. See the pieces Hysteria #12, Prop #8. Because of this, my art (and music) have often been censored, rejected, and dismissed. See my "Testimonials" page.

I stick to my initial creative processes despite these drawbacks and consequences. There is no "right" or "wrong" interpretation to have about anything, and thus nothing is objectively "good" or "bad".

Why are you so pretentious? Why do you think all of these great bands and movies, are so awful?

Actively listening to a vast array of music for my whole life, I began to develop high standards. I try to critique and review certain artworks based on how developed they are, and how effective they are at communicating emotions and ideas. If something is not very developed, or isn't much past the surface, I give it a low rating. If something is packed with meaning, and substance, and ideas, I give it a high rating.