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This blog consists of brief personal updates, musings, and long serious announcements. I try to update this instead of using Facebook, Tumblr, or Instagram liberally.


December 2, 2017 • Tagged as address

Hello, friends. I would like to announce publicly, that I am ceasing performing in art or music shows for the foreseeable future. My attendance at these kind of events will become sparse. My music and art projects will still go on, but privately and without public exhibition (for now). This is not the reaction to any one single event; it is a number of things in my personal life which are insisting this conclusion.

But also I'm kind of tired of it all. Promoting myself, socializing with the intent to achieve validation, pretending to be friends with people I actually hate, begging to be noticed, begging people who would never give me a second thought to be on their shows. Fuck it. If people want my art or music badly enough they can come get it, because I am blowing my engines and failing to see real satisfaction in bringing it to them. My local art and music communities are superficial, shallow, and empty, not to mention tainted with gentrification anyway. Perhaps one day I will return to doing stuff but it's not gonna be for a while.

I don't even know why I bother writing these fucking things.