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Erases Eraser - Neuroses

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Eyesore series
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Carl Theodor Dreyer

Carl Theodor Dreyer is probably the most important figure in film. Everything influential, emotional, profound, painful, and intense, can be traced back to his work, as he was the first guy to do everything, and the first guy to accomplish things that film hadn't accomplished before.

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Henry Knollenberg

Henry Knollenberg has been my good friend of 4 or 5 years. We played in Culture Chester together with the infamous Newt Grundy, and he has made several appearances on my albums over the years. He was also, along with David Galloway and Grundy, in a trio of creative power called Sp...

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Moving On

February 7, 2019 • Tagged as address

I can't pretend to care as much about art and music as much as I used to. I have been putting everything I got into that for years and it has given me very little in return. I also find that I don't have the physical or emotional resources for certain friendships anymore. It's really sad and hard to do, but I don't think friendships are meant to be worth going out of the way for. Friendships should adapt to your life, you shouldn't change your life to accomodate friendships.

Of course I still enjoy making art and making music. I always have. The difference with my life now is, I don't identify as an artist so desperately anymore. I don't have to consistently "prove" to the world that that's what I am. I know that's what I am, I don't have to strive to exist in that light, in that context anymore. It's a tempting but ultimately hopeless thing to aspire to be as a young adult. A number of factors have made me "unsuccessful" at this, especially the vague parameters of what "successful" is. Does anyone want to see my Bandcamp stats? I'll show you.

Erases Eraser - last 60 days

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