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Erases Eraser - Neuroses

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Hysteria series
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Woody Allen

"Tanner, did you really watch all of these Woody Allen movies?" Yes, I really did. Most of them more than once.

I've decided that Woody Allen was both, at different phases in his career, an idiot and a genius. He is currently my...

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Frank Zappa

Now Frank Zappa was probably the most unique, the most uncharacteristically intellectual, and the most stylistically adept and adaptable rock composer of all time. To describe Zappa's work simply as "satire" is a profoundly lacking understateme...

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Official Failure coming through

May 3, 2018 • Tagged as failure

Ayy so guess what I did. My website now has a style switcher, in the day time it will use daytime.css, the bright and colorful one. In the night time it will use my tried and true style.css, the same style it has used for the past year. Or, in the footer of every page, you can manually switch to either one. The switcher uses a PHP session.

Don't look at my portfolio. Seriously, it's dog shit. A big wart on my website if you ask me. I'll finish it one day. Should be in the next 5-10 years.

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