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Domestic Violence

an album by Erases Eraser

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Released on cassette and CD by 5cm Recordings

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Track listing

# Title Time
1. The Man of the House 5:43
2. Broken Toys 3:38
3. Soda Pop 1:14
4. The You of Eye 2:05
5. Spaghetti Carbonara 5:45
6. Freudian Slip 0:53
7. Mace Gravel, Pt. 2 1:34
8. "Real" Psychedelic 6:02
9. The Garbagedeath Man Only Comes Once a Month 3:59
10. Eye Oh Yeah 6:33
11. Dojo Dog 4:25
12. Social Anxiety 2:17
13. Run Away 1:00
14. Boogers and Scabs 7:50
15. untitled 11:54
  Total time: 1:04:58

Released May 6, 2015

Thanks to Mathias for the tapes. Thanks to Henry and Jaden for inspiration. Thanks to my parents for letting me draw on the walls and raising me and stuff. If you're one of the people that don't know they're on this album, thanks for giving me a call. Reissued on 5cm Recordings, with catalog number 5CM-017.


Performer Parts
The "E" Man vocals, synthesizer, samples, lighter, keyboard, percussion
Man at the art show on Saturday vocals and guitar on track 12
Newt Grundy vocals on tracks 7 and 15

All music written, performed, and produced by T. A. Babcock.

All audio content Copyright © 2015 T. A. Babcock.