Tanner Babcock


(the green album)

an album by Erases Eraser

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Track listing

# Title Time
1. What 3:29
2. Who 3:58
3. When 4:28
4. Where 7:08
5. Why 8:27
6. How 5:27
7. Huh 4:43
  Total time: 37:42

Released January 21, 2016

The third album in the "eras" series, the sequel to "r", and the prequel to "s". This album was made only with vocals.

This album is unlistenable garbage. Don't listen to it. Seriously. You're not gonna like it. You won't even be able to pretend to like it. Listen to something you know you like instead.


Performer Parts
The "E" Man vocals, percussion
Henry Knollenberg vocals on tracks 4-5
Newt Grundy vocals on tracks 4-5
Jonah Thompson vocals on track 3

All music written by T. A. Babcock, except track 3, which is traditional. All music performed and produced by T. A. Babcock.

All audio content Copyright © 2016 T. A. Babcock.