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an album by Tantrum Throwers

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Track listing

# Title Time
1. Dissociative Retinal Device (Seizure 1) 20:57
2. This Song Is Called "Existential Terror" 23:54
3. Encephalopathy (Seizure 2) 21:45
4. Amplitude Modulation (Seizure 3) 20:04
5. Concept of a 21:45
6. The Big Ridiculous (Seizure 4) 21:14
  Total time: 2:09:41

Released August 5, 2016

Tantrum Throwers' second album. All tracks (including all dialogue) were improvised. Track 1 was performed live at The Fremont, in Des Moines, Iowa, on May 7, 2016, and recorded by Chuck Hoffman.

The album art is a collage by Luke Belknap and T. A. Babcock.


Performer Parts
Luke Belknap guitar, vocals, drums, loops, keyboard
T. A. Babcock drums, vocals, bowed guitar, guitar, harmonica, samples
Kristin Owens saxophone, vocals, keyboard
Jonah Thompson keyboard, vocals, bowed bass guitar, drums, slide whistle, thumb piano
Wesley Belknap bass guitar on track 6

All music written, performed, and produced by Tantrum Throwers.

All audio content Copyright © 2016 Tantrum Throwers.