Tanner Babcock

About These Ratings

I hope this goes without saying, but most people still seem to think otherwise. Art is subjective. These ratings and reviews are my own subjective interpretations. There is no right or wrong opinion to have about anything. This is just how I interpret and experience these selected artworks.

A rating is a number from 1 to 10. A rating below 5 means "don't bother with this", a rating above 5 means "check this out, it will be worth it." So a 1/10 would be "avoid this horrible thing like the plague", and a 9/10 would be "you should know about this masterpiece like yesterday". And a ".../..." just means I plan on seeing it, but I haven't yet. An artwork that is highlighted in red is highly recommended.

If I have a page on a specific artist, it means I really like them, or I feel compelled to talk about them in some way. I only rate a handful of filmmakers and a handful of musical artists. If there's not a page on something, I probably don't care about it, or I don't know about it.