Tanner Babcock

Lars von Trier

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Year Title Rating
1984 The Element of Crime 6.5/10
1987 Epidemic 5.5/10
1991 Europa 7/10
1994 The Kingdom 7/10
1996 Breaking the Waves 8/10
1997 >>The Kingdom, Part 2 .../...
1998 The Idiots 7.5/10
2000 Dancer in the Dark 8.5/10
2003 Dogville 8/10
2005 Manderlay 7/10
2009 Antichrist 7.5/10
2011 Melancholia 7.5/10
2013 Nymphomaniac 9/10

Lars von Trier is a dangerous filmmaker. When I say "dangerous", I don't mean physically dangerous like he could hurt you or something, I mean the ideas his films present are often abusively challenging on the mind and emotional state. He dethroned the great Ingmar Bergman as the master of despair and hopelessness. His directorial style has evolved from the intentionally-grainy, low definition, handheld-camera Dogme 95 films, to invasive and often disturbingly private portraits of sick protagonists. His realism is often abrasively detached. I often wonder how sick the depression in his mind must be, for him to put himself through these marches into death and suicide. He turns the artist-audience relationship into an abusive one, and this particular movie-watcher has a case of Stockholm syndrome. I find his films to be enormously underrated (especially since the great Nymphomaniac is only a 6 on IMDB and a 73 on Rotten Tomatoes), and I firmly believe they will be appreciated more in the future.