Responsive Assignment

Wow look at this navigation menu. On desktop, it's horizontal. But on mobile.... it's.... VERTICAL.

Left Column

Hey, this is the left column. Look at all of this text. This should be on the left side. But, on the mobile version, this will be on top! The next div, the one on the right, will appear on the bottom, on mobile. Isn't that nifty. Wowee.

Wow gee, there's some images down here. Look at all of these images.

Now there's some text down here. If you click this image, or the image in the right column, it will take you back to my homework page.

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Right Column

Now this is the right column. It's pretty clever, while the left column has text-align left, the right column has text-align.... COMMUNISM!!!. Notice how this is a separate area of the web page, than the right column. Isn't that nifty. Hey, look, it's an image. Look at this silly image.

Now here's some more images. Look at all of these images.

More text down here. Right column bottom. Look at all of this text. Lorem ipsum is my middle name.

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Footer. Here's some footer text. This text is on the very bottom. Pretty nice, huh? Look at all of this text.

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