Gradient, Opacity, Border-Radius

This box has rounded corners. It has a gradient background, and it is transparent.

This was created using linear-gradient, opacity, and border-radius.

Here's some more text, to fill up space on the page. Look at all this text. Wow. This says nothing. I enjoy filling up space on the page, so the elements appear bigger, and it looks like I put more effort into the assignment. I actually did, because I'm typing something after all.

I made this web site on a computer. I used an Apple II to write the code, and a PDP-11 with Mozilla Nightly to view the output.

Hey, How bout some Links?

Hi, this is my OFFICIAL(tm) list of the Greatest search engines of all time. Give it a go! These search engines will give you mad results, bustin out phat algorithms yo.

  1. Wolfram|Alpha
  2. Duck Duck Go ← Use this one if you like Ducks and Privacy!
  3. Google, But in German ← Use this if you think Privacy is Dumb and 4 Idiots

Now, this is a list of the STUPIDEST search engines.

  1. Bing Bong ← Yuck! Microsoft??? Why not get pregnant at a bus station
  2. Yahoo!
  3. Ask Jeeves ← Disbanded since 2005

Button Box and Columns

This box does not have a button in it, but the one below it does.

Here is some filler text, to make the box bigger, and make the website appear longer. This text says nothing. It is here to fill up space. I hope it fills up enough space. Thanks.

This box has the button

This box has a button inside of it. The button appears below, down here.

Here's some more text, to fill up the column. This text doesn't say anything. I just want to make this box bigger, and make the page longer. Anyway, here's the button:

Isn't that a nice-looking button? Wow! What a button. I worked very hard on this button. Some things I used to make this button: <button>, CSS3, :hover, and :active. Also, programming.