Hey! It's a heading! Here's my flex-box stuff!

Here is a flex-row of buttons. These are oriented with the "flex-direction" of "row".

Hey, here is some more paragraph text for my assignment. This text says nothing. I need to fill up more space on the page, so I am typing this. Hello world.

Here is a flex-column of buttons. These are oriented with the "flex-direction" or "column".

I hope these buttons look nice. This stuff is difficult to style sometimes. Hey I am now typing some more text, some more nothingness to fill up space. Look at all of these words.

Image Gallery Time!!!

Here is an image gallery, using images from my Intro to Photoshop and Fireworks class.

This is some smaller paragraph text, for filling up space in the box. It is a little bit smaller than the main paragraph text, so that the other paragraphs are more attention-grabbing.

Here is some more text, to fill up the box. This text serves no purpose except to take up space on the web page. It looks like I put more effort into this than I actually did. Hooray!

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