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Hey want to see some lists? Top 50 Films! ← • → Top 100 Albums???

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Hey, this is the middle area. There should be a column of buttons to the left of this, and a row of buttons below this.

This page was formatted using the CSS Grid Layout. Let's hope it looks good!!! Does it look good? No. Does it work? Yes! That's the only question that matters. Make it work make it work!!! oh no

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This text is over here on the Right! There should be a row of buttons below this, down here.

Wow, what a bunch of text. Here's some filler text. If you read this, you will notice it doesn't really say anything. Oh yeah.

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Hey, there's some text down here now. I don't know what this will look like. It's hard to tell what certain colors will look like, when you're typing them. So some colors look awful with others.