Tanner Babcock


These are things people have actually said about me, my art, and my music.

"A fucking hack."     "Fuck that dude."

"Don't book this dipshit for an "art" show either unless you want a bunch of offensive garbage strewn across canvases."

"If it was possible to give the genre of the album, "Post-Music", this album would be a brilliant example."

"The severe coronaries brought on by the sugar rushes of things like "Lucky Charms" and "Raisin Bran Crunch" are all actually worth the trip to the ER, as this stuff is wild and inventive and fun. There's even a post-smokewave/pre-carnival house psychedelic experiment called "Honey Nut Cheerios" that lasts for over twelve minutes. I'm making up words because I'm on medication and I'm actually being MK Ultra'd with r here! Help me! But don't because I love it!"

- Critical Masses

"After listening to the Erases Eraser cassette "Domestic Violence" more times than I care to admit I was hesitant to listen to this CD because it's not a cassette"

"If you're into "Domestic Violence" (please don't take that the wrong way) then there is no reason for you not to own "r" as well. (Until it sells out) And if you don't have either then get them both because Erases Eraser is just really one of my favorite artists to listen to right now."

This next song is about an alcoholic pissing themself. It's more like these are little stories set to crazy rock music than they are songs but in some ways the two could be mutually exclusive. Dig that harmonica, man."

"A steady mix of piano keys, harmonica and drum stomps drive us into chaos and insanity and that's how "e" ends."

- Raised by Gypsies

"This might've been good if it weren't so bad. Sorry bruh, gotta calls em like I sees em."

"That was one abrasive album. I'm glad I listened to all of it for the sake of it, though."

"What did I just listen to"    "im not sure I get this..."

"this is nice and in-your face weird, big ups"     "this is very memey"

"Love this. It takes my mind to weird fuckin places.. Would love to see some wacky music videos."

"this is complete garbage and has 0 artistic value"

"this is shit"