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Erases Eraser - Erases Eraser

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Eyesore series
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Woody Allen

"Tanner, did you really watch all of these Woody Allen movies?" Yes, I really did. Most of them more than once.

I've decided that Woody Allen was both, at different phases in his career, an idiot and a genius. He is currently my favorite director. He was a cheap, Three Stooges-like physica...

Read the full review. Updated November 6, 2019

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Henry Knollenberg

Henry Knollenberg has been my good friend of 4 or 5 years. We played in Culture Chester together with the infamous Newt Grundy, and he has made several appearances on my albums over the years. He was also, along with David Galloway and Grundy, in a trio of creative power called Sp...

Read the full review. Updated September 25, 2019

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I paid the bill

December 29, 2019 • Tagged as YES!

_I PAID the Bill!!!__

That means at the very least one (1) more year of crazy shit and internet antics from your friend Tanner!

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