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Most recent artwork I made.
Eyesore series
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Alejandro Jodorowsky

Alejandro Jodorowsky may appear like a raving lunatic, but really, he is a genius. He documents the relationship between the cerebral metaphors, symbolism, and social commentary of the conscious mind, and the primal, instinctive sexual desires of the subconscious. There is always some element of psychosexu...

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Recent music review:

Mobb Deep

The Infamous

To be 19 in Queensbridge public housing, Queens, New York City, 1995. How much death, violence, and crime were the power duo of Prodigy and Havoc actually involved in? Have they murdered people, and if so, how many? Their environment was severely stricken with poverty, and they grew u...

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Recent blog post:

Autistic People Spoiled You

August 17, 2021 • Tagged as real shit

Let me tell you people something. Instagram, Facebook, the Internet. Smart phones. Bluetooth. Ableton Live. Photoshop. Smart TVs. Do you think autistic people had nothing to do with these things? Do you know about computer programming? Autistic people, Indians, and the Japanese are solely responsible for these technical innovations. A huge majority of modern software is built on top of the innovations of Ken Thompson, Dennis Ritchie, Brian Kernighan, Joe Ossana, and Rob Pike. These guys made the Unix operating system for Bell Labs in 1969. These motherfuckers were autistic as shit. How do I know that? Do I have their hospital records? No, I can tell by looking at pictures of them, I can see it in their often not smiling faces. These men were probably endlessly scolded in their personal lives for being "weird", or "rude", or "inappropriate", they probably had a difficult time communicating with people and expressing themselves. They probably rocked back and forth, tapped on things, and nervously whistled like me. Linus Torvalds, who invented the Linux kernel - upon which Google built their Android mobile OS, and whose operating systems power the majority of active web servers on the internet - and G...

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