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Carl Theodor Dreyer

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Year Title Rating
1919 >>The President .../...
1920 >>The Parson's Widow .../...
1921 >>Leaves from Satan's Book .../...
1922 >>Love One Another .../...
1922 >>Once Upon a Time .../...
1924 >>Michael .../...
1925 Master of the House 7.5/10
1926 The Bride of Glomdal 6.5/10
1928 The Passion of Joan of Arc 9/10
1932 Vampyr 6.5/10
1943 Day of Wrath 7.5/10
1945 Two People 7/10
1955 The Word 8/10
1964 Gertrud 7/10

Review last updated: November 18, 2018


Carl Theodor Dreyer is probably the most important figure in film. Everything influential, emotional, profound, painful, and intense, can be traced back to his work, as he was the first guy to do everything, and the first guy to accomplish things that film hadn't accomplished before.

The Passion of Joan of Arc

This treasure, monument, and cornerstone of silent film and film in general, The Passion of Joan of Arc, is possibly the purest and most honest work of recorded theater ever produced. This is one of those very rare things that has the potential to touch you on a very deep level. It is also one of the most important historical documents in this medium, serving the noble purpose of portrayal of a 550-year-old document.