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GNU/Linux Software Guide


Desktop Environments

Any of these desktop environments can be installed on any of the above distributions.

Name Toolkit File Browser Text Editor
KDE Plasma Qt Dolphin Kate
GNOME GTK Nautilus Gedit
XFCE GTK Thunar Mousepad
LXQt Qt PCManFM Featherpad
Cinnamon GTK Nemo Xed
MATE GTK Caja Pluma

Programming Languages

Name Compiler/Interpreter Package Manager Year
C GCC None 1974
PHP PHP Composer, search Packagist 1995
Python Python 3 Pip 1991
Rust Rustc Cargo, search Crates.io 2010
Go Go pkg.go.dev 2009

Window Managers

Name Type Config Info
Awesome window manager Tiling window manager Lua (rc.lua) Create widgets and bars, as well as menus. Window decorations
Openbox Floating window manager XML (rc.xml) Can create menus
dwm Tiling window manager C (config.h) Configure by editing source code, must be patched, uses slstatus to feed status bar
Xmonad Tiling window manager Haskell (xmonad.hs) Config written in Haskell, uses xmobar as status bar
bspwm Tiling window manager Shell script (bspwmrc) Uses sxhkd for key bindings, Bash script config. Does not have a default bar or menu
i3 Tiling window manager i3 config Has its own status bar, simple config file, window decorations
spectrwm Tiling window manager Spectrwm config (spectrwm.conf) Has its own status bar, simple config file
Herbstluftwm Tiling window manager Shell script (autostart) Does not have its own bar