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an album by Erases Eraser


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# Title Time
Total time: 57:38

Released February 3, 2018

This album is not about you. Even if you're performing on this album, this album is not about you. This album is about very sick people. This album is about the human mind.

These sound images are in no way meant to be accurate portrayals of the topics and disorders they're named after. These songs exist only to empathize, communicate, and understand. Please use discretion when listening to this, if you are of a sensitive or susceptible mental state. This album is abrasive, and has content which may be upsetting to sensitive listeners.

This recording of Newt Grundy, like the one on The Dead End, was recorded in one take, in time for the album. The recordings of Henry Knollenberg were taken from his unpublished 2014 albums Editing Mark and Summer 2012.


Performer Parts
The "E" Man electronics, vocals, samples, drums
Newt Grundy guitar and vocals, on track 7
Henry Knollenberg piano, pan flute, vocals, guitar, on track 6

All music written by T. A. Babcock, except tracks 6, 7, and 10.

Track 6 was written by Henry Knollenberg. Track 7 was written by T. A. Babcock and Newt Grundy. Track 10 is traditional.

All music performed and produced by T. A. Babcock.

  All audio content licensed 2018 under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.