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(the blue album)

an album by Erases Eraser

Helen Keller's Petting Zoo


Track listing

# Title Time
Total time: 1:04:09

Released June 24, 2016

This album was made in a dream, in a deeply susceptible and vulnerable subconscious state.

Thanks to Kristin for performing with me. Thanks to Luke for letting me record us. Thanks to Henry and Jaden for inspiration.


Performer Parts
The "E" Man electronics, vocals, drums, percussion, guitar, bowed shamisen, organ, harmonica, samples
Kristin Owens vocals
Henry Knollenberg vocals on tracks 1, 7, and 12
Newt Grundy vocals on tracks 1 and 12
Luke Belknap vocals and organ on tracks 1 and 11
Jonah Thompson vocals on track 1

All music written by T. A. Babcock, except tracks 3 and 10, which are traditional. All music performed and produced by T. A. Babcock.

  All audio content licensed 2016 under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.